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June 20, 2009
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The Tickle Masters..........

Two people you don't want to run into if you happen to be ticklish.

It was an average day for Tickle Masters Ren and Shane. They had just finished their early morning sessions with their permanent victims, and were checking the mail and computer for any news of new victims needing to be caught.

Tickle Master Ren searched the mail pile while Tickle Master Shane scanned both of their e-mail addresses, and the official website they had recently set up.

It was rare for someone to send a request through their personal addresses, but when it did happen, they just changed the addresses again, unless the person had been given them.

Now, surprisingly the mail pile for today only had junk mail, some notices, and a few bills. Nothing out of the ordinary.

"Man, that sucks.... Any luck over there Shane?" Ren called over to her partner.

"Gah, nothing!" Shane cried out in disappointment, smacking his hands on the keyboard. "We haven't had a victim in weeks!"

"I know, but we can't exactly make one appear out of thin air!" Ren shot back, sitting down on the chair beside him.

As the words left her mouth, a strange black line tore through the air of their office.

The line convulsed and expanded into a portal shape, and a tall figure in a black hooded cloak outfit stepped out from it. He carried two long silver swords with purple curved handles and straight hand holds. Diamond shaped spikes of the same color spread out from the curved end of the handles.

The two masters jumped up, surprised and suspicious.

"Hey! Who the hell are you?!" Shane demanded of the mysterious figure.

The figure said nothing, simply waved his hand.

A small stack of bills, a photo, and a white creature appeared at their feet.

The creature bended and swayed with a large zipper like mouth, and no eyes.

"What is that?!"

Now, the man spoke, a hint of amusement in his tone.

"It's called a Nobody. Enough about it, I am in need of your services. I hear you two are well known torturers?" He wasted no time.

Ren smirked slightly. "You hear right. Need somebody punished?"

"Yes, a traitor. His name #13, but others call him Roxas. My superior wishes for him to be punished in any way you see fit. Don't hold back on him." He ordered.

Shane nodded. "Alright. Where exactly is this, 'Roxas'?"

"He resides in a place called Twilight Town."

The masters looked at each other, never having heard of it.

"The Nobody will open a portal to Twilight Town once you are ready. Waste no time." With that, the man turned and left through the portal he came from. The portal disappeared with him.

The two looked at each other, then the Nobody which still stood at their feet, then the photo and payment. Without a word, the two rushed off to prepare to leave, leaving the Nobody standing alone with its sway-like movements.


"Feathers?" Ren asked.

"Check!" Shane replied cheerfully.



"Bag of tickle tools?"



"Ugh, check!" Shane was wary of the stuff.

"And finally, the photo?

"Check.....wait, where is it?!" Shane thrust his hands into his pockets, searching.

"You lost the photo?! You idiot!" Ren scolded. "How are we supposed to find Roxas if we don't know what he looks like?"

Shane laughed, and held up the photo. "Just kidding, he's right here!"

She rolled her eyes, and the two turned to the Nobody. "We're ready."

The Nobody leapt into the air and swirled in a small dance, and in it's place was a black portal.

They entered, walking through the swirling darkness cautiously as the portal to their home closed behind them.

"Hey Shane..."

"Yeah, Ren?"

"I just realized something."


"How are we supposed to get back home?"

"Beats me. Guess we'll find out."

As they exited the portal, they found themselves standing on a sloped stone street. There were a few shops, but they were closed. Everything was quiet and still.

"LOOK OUT!" A boy with spiky brown hair and riding a skateboard was flying down the street at top speed.

Shane grabbed Ren's hand and they moved out of the way as the boy sped past them.

"What the heck?! WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!" She shouted at the boy.

The boy managed to stop his skateboard, and ran back up to them. "Sorry, I couldn't stop!"

Shane sighed. "Can you tell us where we are?"

The boy nodded. "You're on Market Street, in Twilight Town. You new to this place?"

They looked at each other, smiling slightly. "You could say that."

The boy smiled. "My name's Roxas. What's yours?"

The masters grinned at each other.

"My name's Shane, this is Ren." Shane replied coolly.

"We've been looking for you Roxas." Ren smirked.

"Huh? Looking for me? Why?" Roxas asked, confused.

"Get him!" With those words, Shane tackled the boy to the street, dragging him into the alley.

"WHAT?! HEY WHAT'S GOING ON?! MMPH!" Roxas struggled and his screams were muffled by a chloroform soaked rag that Ren covered his mouth and nose with. Slowly his movements weakened, and at last his eyes drooped closed as he slipped into unconsciousness.


When Roxas woke up, he found himself tied spread eagle to a table. His jacket, shirt, shoes, and socks were missing, and the room was dark except for a single light hanging over him. "W-Where am I?" He whispered to himself, confused.

Laughter rang throughout the darkness, and two voices spoke.

"Poor, poor Roxas. He has no idea where he is~" Sang a feminine tone.

"Or what he's in for!" Laughed a male tone.

Roxas moved his head the best he could while he tested his bonds. "Who are you?! Where are you?! Why am I tied up?!"

"Tsk, tsk, so many questions." The female voice mocked. A figure came into view, revealing herself as the girl from earlier. Ren.

"Good thing we have all the answers." The male voice revealed himself to be the boy from earlier. Shane.

"You two!! Why did you tie me up?!" Roxas shouted, struggling against his bonds to no avail.

"Hehehe, let's answer your other questions first. We're Ren and Shane, as you already know. But we're also known as the Tickle Masters." Shane explained. "We tied you up, because someone has decided that a naughty boy needs to be punished."

"Also known as you." Ren teased.

Roxas gulped, and nervously asked. "W-What are you going to do to me?"

Ren giggled while Shane grinned. "Isn't it obvious? We're going to tickle you to our heart's desire of course!"

Roxas shook in fear. He was very ticklish, and didn't want to be tickled by two tickle masters for pete's sake.  "No! Please don't tickle me, I wouldn't be able to handle it!" He begged.

The two said nothing, simply took their positions.

"Let's see how ticklish these underarms of your are." Shane taunted, and dug his fingers into the sensitive pits.

Roxas bit his lip, trying hard not to laugh. 'Maybe if I don't laugh, they'll give up and let me go.' He thought to himself.

Sadly, that's not how they work.

"Oh, a tough guy, eh?" Ren smirked, and trailed her nails down his sides ever so softly. "We break all tough guys eventually."

Roxas shook with held back laughter, and as soon as those nails touched his sensitive sides he broke.

"Ahahahahahahaha stahahahaahahahap!" He laughed.

Shane smirked and kept changing tactics. Sometimes tickling soft and slow, other times fast and hard. Sometimes with his nails, and sometimes just his fingers.

Ren swapped from her nails to squeezing and kneading Roxas's sides like bread dough.

"GAAHAHAHAHAHAHA STAAHAHAHAAHAHAH PLEHEHEHEHEASE!" Roxas begged, laughing hard. They'd only begun, and already he was laughing his head off.

The two continued this for 15 minutes, then decided to switch to a new spot.

"My, my, what a ticklish looking belly you have!" Ren giggled quietly as she started tickling Roxas's flat tan belly.

"NAHAHAHAHAHA STAHAHAHAHAHAHAP IT! NOT THEEHEHEHEHEHEHERE!" Roxas screamed. "PLEHEHEHEHEASE IT TIHIHIHIHHICKLES!" He tried sucking in his stomach or moving the best he could, but her fingers followed his movements, never giving him a break.

"Of course it tickles you silly boy! It's supposed to." Shane joined in on the torment, and started squeezing and pinching the boy's hips, which had been revealed after all his thrashing and squirming.

"GYAHAHAHAHAHAHAH NOHOHOHOHOHOHHOHO SOMEONE HEHEHEHEHEHEHELP MEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!" Roxas yelled and screamed with laughter, hoping someone, anyone, would come to help him. The tummy tickles were awful, but the attacks on his sensitive hips were making him buck and almost bang his head on the table.

Ren smirked, and traced a spiral shape on his tummy, making the rings closer and closer to her target: His bellybutton.

Roxas didn't realize this until her swirls were on the rim of his bellybutton, and his voice hit a new pitch as he shrieked. "NONONONONONO NOT MY BELLYBUTTON!"

Ren simply smiled, and stopped along with Shane. It was time for a breather.

Roxas, rushing with adrenaline from the major panic he had not a moment ago, lay back quietly, gasping for air and his skin covered in a light sweat.

"Hmm, a half hour of tickling and you're still fighting strong." Shane mused. "Looks like we might have to try a bit harder."

Roxas shook his head, his voice weak and tired. " more tickling....I'm too ticklish!"

"Sorry boy, but this is our job. Any other questions?"


"Someone thought you deserved our services. Enough questions, break's over."

They attacked once more, the room filling with Roxas's renewed laughter.

Ren blew long and ticklish raspberries into his bellybutton, and only stopping a moment to grab a feather. She slipped it into his bellybutton and turned it clockwise, then counterclockwise, pulling it up but never completely out. Then spiraling down once more.

Shane didn't stay in one place. His fingers danced, going from the boy's hips, to his sides, and finally pinching and prodding his ribs. They proved to be one of his weak spots.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH  STAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAP PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEASE NO MOHOHOHOHHOHOHORE!!!"  Roxas shrieked and thrashed wildly, tears of mirth pouring down his face and splattering onto his sweat soaked skin.

The tickling continued for over an hour, until the masters decided to give their squirming, laughing victim a break again.

Roxas gasped for air. Sweat matted his hair to his forehead and made his remaining clothing stick to his skin. Tears of mirth ran down his face, and his vision was blurry because of it. "W-Why did you stop?" He managed. Why would these people, the ones who had been tickling the living daylights out of him, give him a break?

Seeming to read his mind, Ren answered. "Our job is to tickle victims silly as we see fit. Not to torture them to death."

Shane smiled, and ruffled the boy's sweaty hair affectionately. "Don't worry Roxas. We're almost done, and then you're free to go."

Roxas sighed in relief, then a thought a occurred to him. "Wait, you've already tickled my armpits, sides, ribs, tummy, bellybutton, and hips. What's left to.....oh no!" He whimpered.

His feet. That's what was left. Unluckily for him, his feet were the most ticklish spot on his body. Just the looks the masters were giving them were making him giggle.

They smirked, and each claimed a foot. Ren on the right, Shane on the left. "Ready Roxas?"

Roxas squeezes his eyes shut. "Oh god no........"

"Too bad." They began.

Ren took advantage of her nails and scratched all over his sole with them. She held back his toes with one hand, and tickled the undersides with the other, wiggling her fingers in between the long digits. She didn't stop for a moment.

Shane had grabbed a feather and electric toothbrush, as well as some string. He used the string to tie Roxas's big toes together to limit movement, then tied them back and to the table. Then he sawed the feather between Roxas's toes, dabbing at the sensitive undersides. With the electric toothbrush, he ruthlessly tickled his heel, arch, and the ball of his foot.

Roxas exploded with shrieking laughter. His face turned redder than seemingly humanly possible, and tears ran rivers down his face.


The torture continued for what seemed like hours to Roxas, until colors exploded in his vision, and he blacked out.

The tickle masters stopped, put their tools away, and set him free.

"Well he was fun, wasn't he?" Ren remarked.

"Yeah, we should get him again sometime. Let's get him home first."

As he reached for Roxas, an explosion of light passed in front of the masters, and they found themselves home once more.

However, a single note lay on the floor:

Thanks for the services. We might contact you again someday~

                                                 Signed, Xemnas

The two looked at each other with only one thought on their minds.

"Who the heck is Xemnas?"
Alright, this is a request from :icondark-mystica:

Hope you like it!

I don't own Kingdom Hearts 2 or anything in it.

Tickle Masters Ren and Shane (c) Me
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I luv this story! I'm glad I'm not in that position, but I still feel bad for Roxas. He didn't know what was coming.
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i luv the story! great job! im really ticklish so i can relate to poor Roxas!
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error: "LOOK OUT!" A boy with spiky brown hair and riding a skateboard was flying down the street at top speed.

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