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August 30, 2009
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Angelica was a beautiful girl, just barely an adult at the age of 18. She always caught many stares from guys, and jealous girls alike. But hey, with a super-model like body, baby blue eyes, and long blonde hair like liquid sunshine, you'd get stared at too!
Angelica knew she was beautiful, always had. She loved to flirt with boys who stared at her-whether they were taken or not- and tended to wear clingy and small clothing, just so she could show off her body some more.
However, there was one person who hated Angelica. There was one person who's envy and hate for the girl exceeded everyone else's. That person, was Mildred.

Mildred was an elderly woman in her 70's. Her husband had long left her for someone younger, and prettier. I know that sounds like the same old story, but it's actually not. You see, Mildred is very ugly. She had once had beauty just like Angelica's, but that had long faded into pure hideousness with age. Now, whenever she saw Angelica, she was reminded of her once beauty, and current ugliness. It enraged her so much, that she decided to teach Angelica a lesson about flaunting beauty.


Angelica smiled as she walked through her neighborhood, winking and giving her hips a slight shake at the gawking onlookers. She had been sent a letter from an agent that wanted to meet her, and possibly set her up with a modeling career. To celebrate this opportunity, she had decided to wear a small pair of denim shorts that came to just about mid-thigh, and a bright pink t-shirt that exposed her flat, smooth tummy. On her feet she wore matching glittery sandals.

Once Angelica arrived at the agreed meeting place, she was surprised to see it was a house in her neighborhood. However, she shrugged it off, too excited about the offer she had been given.

"Hello? I'm here!" She called, walking inside and shutting the door. Hearing no answer, she removed her sandals and walked around the house, calling "Hello?!"

The house seemed to be empty, and she could have sworn she'd been there before.

"Hellooooo-MMPH!" Angelica screamed into a cloth that had suddenly been shoved against her face, covering her mouth and nose. She struggled, but soon inhaled the chloroform the cloth had been soaked in, and she passed out on the floor.


When Angelica woke up, she was tied to a couch with her arms stretched firmly over her head, and her ankles and thighs tied together. She tried to struggle and scream for help, but she soon found she couldn't move an inch, and a cloth gag had been tied onto her.

"Mmmmmph! Mmmmgph!!" Her muffled screams hardly did her any good.

"Scream all you want, nobody can hear you." A voice cackled from a few feet away. Mildred walked into Angelica's view, looking sadistic.

"Mmmphed? Mmmph mmmphing mmph?!" Angelica tried to ask what was going on, but her gag once more prevented her.

"I'm tired of seeing you flaunting that slutty little body of yours. Everyone is. So now, I'm going to teach you a lesson you'll never forget!" Mildred glared at Angelica as she removed her sandals, and started tickling her feet.

Angelica giggled lightly, and squirmed around a bit out of reflex. But no more than that.

Mildred, annoyed, tried tickling her sides. Angelica squirmed a bit more, but nothing else.

"Argh...." She tried tickling the blonde's armpits, her ribs, her knees, nothing worked.

Angelica's fear had started to die down a bit, thinking she might get out of the torture after all. Until she saw where Mildred was heading next.

The old woman was quickly becoming frustrated with the fact she could do nothing more than get a few giggles out. In her frustration, she started tapping her nails on the girl's flat tummy, right by her bellybutton.

Angelica let out a sound like a strangled squeal, bringing the senior's attention to her.

Mildred smirked. "Ah, so you're tummy is your spot, hmmm?" She raked the nails of her left hand against the girl's tummy.

She shrieked and thrashed wildly at the sensation. Her tummy was indeed her utter weak spot, something she had tried to hide for years. Nobody would usually guess that a girl with an extremely ticklish tummy would show it off, which is why nobody tried to tickle her there.

"Aww does this tickle you fashion model wannabe? Cootchie cootchie coo!" Mildred taunted, dragging her nails against the lightly tanned skin.

"MMMPH! MMMMM!" Angelica shrieked and screamed against her gag, her face becoming a bright cherry red.

Mildred continued to scratch and drag her nails against the blonde's tummy, leaving light red marks in her wake. She smirked as she listened to the girl's screaming, enjoying the fact that her worst enemy was suffering at her hands. "Not so flirty now, are you?" She jeered.

Angelica could only shake her head and laugh. Tears began to bubble at the corners of her eyes, and they feel as she thrashed and shrieked. This was utter torture for her, and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

The torment continued for about half an hour. In that time Angelica was reduced to a teary, laughing mess. Tears ran across bright red, sweat soaked skin, and her long hair clung to her face and shoulders. She was fnially given a break, and the gag was removed.

Angelica took the opportunity to take gulps of air, air that she had been lacking throughout her torture. She made a feeble attempt to pull at her bonds, but was too tired to even budge them.

"Time's up." A flurry of pinching on her sensitive tummy's skin followed Mildred's sadistic words, and Angelica once more feel into gales of laughter. This time to be heard instead of muffled.


"Aww, what's wrong? Can't take a little tickling?" Mildred teased, continuing to pinch, poke, prod, and otherwise toture the poor girl's aching tummy.


"That's too bad. We still have one place to go~" Mildred sang (off-key of course) and started drawing circles around the girl's bellybutton. Circles that were rapidly getting smaller and smaller.


"Oh yes." Mildred dipped a finger into the young girl's bellybutton, and wiggled it around. "Oh dear, it seems to be stuck." She taunted, tickling and wiggling.


Mildred didn't stop, and instead continued the torture for hours. Until, at last, the teen blonde passed out.


When Angelica woke up, she was in her house, on the floor. Her sandals were beside her, as well as a single note:

I'll be watching.

Angelica never showed off her body again. If she did, people claimed to hear loud, girlsih laughter coming from an old woman's home.
Well here it is! Hope you like it! :D

KB had requested a story about an old woman tickling a blonde teenage girl on her tummy. So here it is!

Wish I could do more with this, but glad I managed to make it a good size the way he requested it.

Angelica, Mildred (c) Me
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